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If you are not saving seeds for your food garden and prefer to buy seeds or seedlings as you require then you may need to rethink your growing strategy...

In a food crisis the first things to fly off the shelf are the fresh and packaged food goods then after that it's all the seeds to grow these food crops. If you're unlucky, you might not get much of a chance in this type of scenario to get either the food you need or the seeds to grow more food and this could leave you and your family vulnerable to high food prices or even worse eventual malnutrition!

Now you may well say the chances of such a major disaster either manmade or natural happening is so low it's insignificant to worry about, but that's what all people who find themselves overwhelmed and at the mercy of others to survive probably once said... Personally, I'd rather be safe than sorry so even though I know the chances of my house burning down is close to 0% I still insure it so why shouldn't we give ourselves a little food insurance or food security?

Unlike home insurance you can food insure yourself for a very small price and maybe even for free if you seed save from your own vegetable garden. However, seed saving isn't always practical for the home food gardener and that's why we often buy many of our seeds from season to season.

Link to the product in the image above can be found in the sentence below

One of the most nifty and novel products I have come across is the Survival Seed Vault sold here on Amazon in the USA. This extensive collection of heritage seeds comes shipped in an Army ammo box complete with 105 packets of the best seed selected specifically for survival purposes.

I think this survival seed pack is an excellent idea and, all doom aside, would make for a fun and handy gift to someone really into their food gardening. By the positive reviews this particular seed selection pack is getting it obviously has been a rewarding and positive purchase for many people!

If you live in Australia, and are looking for an equivalent survival seed collection to buy then you might be disappointed; although, this Heirloom Bulk Seeds Pack labelled as a garden starter might be worth checking out.  

In the UK, you could try this Survival Seed Vault Garden in a Can also sold here on Amazon - everything you need to grow yourself out of a disaster all squeezed into a handy tin can, well that just sounds awesome!           

So there you go, there's no excuse for starving when a global emergency hits because all you need to do is get online and buy your survival seed vault today so you can grow your way out of trouble tomorrow... or whenever disaster may strike.

Feel free to list or link to a favourite seed product you like or know about in our comments section below.     


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