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Harvest Fiesta Fermentation Crock

Mark   March 10, 2017  
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Harvest Fiesta Fermentation Crock

Product Info

5L Decorative Crock
10" High x 11" diametre
5 Litres
$129 AU
Main Features
Crafted stoneware
Attractive design
Airtight water-sealable cover/lid
Temperature stability due to thermal characteristics
Comes with stone weights to keep food under brine
Main Uses
Fermenting and pickling foods such as cabbage, beans, squash, cucumbers, etc to turn into pickled treats
Long term storage of food without requiring refrigeration

The Harvest Fiesta Fermentation Crock is the traditional way of fermenting vegetables to increase the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals plus add healthy probiotics to our diet.

This crock is well made and specifically crafted pottery piece designed to be food safe whilst helping to create an anaerobic environment for fermentation to take place. This is done by, the specially designed lid which has a moat around the top and when filled with water makes a seal that allows Co2 to escape whilst preventing oxygen from getting into the cylinder and potentially spoiling the food. 

These particular fermenting crocks come in several different sizes from 5L to 20L. 


Editor review

(Updated: March 10, 2017)
Overall rating 

Harvest Fiesta Fermenting Crock is the best

My Harvest Fiesta fermentation crock is a great piece of kit and I've been completely happy with my purchase. Yes sure, it was a little expensive (probably due to import costs) but it was well worth the money. 
I've made lots of fermented vegetables from sauerkraut to cucumbers to mixed vegetables and I have so much more to experiment with yet. 

I purchased the smallest 5L crock and have found this size to be plenty big enough making several large jars of pickled cucumbers or sauerkraut at a time. Plus, being stoneware I imagine the larger crocks would get a little heavy to move especially the 20L when full. That's a minor point, though, and for other people they might prefer the big crock instead to preserve large batches of food at once - I can understand that. 

Personally, I am strongly considering buying another 5L one so I can ferment different things at the same time and that is another reason why I didn't go for a bigger crock because it's not very often I need to make such a big batch of the same fermented food so a few of the 5L crocks would be perfect!   

Using the crock is easy and the moat lid design is simple plus it just works. It comes with stone weights which are very handy and work great to keep the fermenting vegetables under the brine. 

The vessel is easy to clean. 

I definitely recommend this fermenting crock to anyone serious about or considering creating their own healthy and tasty fermented foods.      

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Pros & Cons

Excellent quality
Good size
Great design
Looks good
Makes awesome ferments and pickles
A little expensive to buy but you get what you pay for...
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