Light sussex chicken peaking behind a hollow tree trunk

This article is about giving credit where it is due - to all the modern day chickens in the world...

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Silky! Chooks are awesome aren't they Racist chickens - now that is funny, I had a good laugh when I read your post. Thanks for taking the time to write something, cheers, Mark...
  Silky — I love my 5 chooks. They have distinct personality traits and habbits. They keep their beady eyes on my window and back door running to be the first to chow down my scraps. My husband has a favourite the black one who is at the bottom of the pecking order.He reckons the other chooks are racist. He f......

Hens squashed into nesting boxes for roosting at night

If you want to know the truth about egg laying and nesting boxes please keep reading...

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  Mark Valencia — You sound like a really mean spirited person John and your comment is neither nice or accurate - have a good life ...
  John Muir — " hens roosting in the nesting boxes is a fact of life and completely normal behaviour." Oh you IDIOT. Please take this page down and stop PRETENDING to know things....
  Mark Valencia — Hi Suzanne, have you tried using some fake eggs placed into the nesting box? This can sometimes help teach them where to lay. The other thing you can do is leave the real eggs in the nesting box for several days and hopefully they will get used to coming back then you should start seeing a build up ......

Quail run inside

Several months prior to this article I wrote a two part “How to” article on how to build a quail or chicken run. This is a follow-up to the “How to build a quail or chicken run” in the form of lessons learnt. There were a few mods to the structure I needed to do and you can read more about them inside.

Chickens under ferns

The inside article explains the test set-up and shows the results (some quite surprising) as to what feeds my chickens prefer to eat. The video is also embedded in the article for those who want to watch it.  

Mixed Grain Chicken Feed

Many people wouldn't realise chicken keeping is one of the fastest growing trends in the world today but what do you feed them to get great eggs?

Quail/Chicken Run

A good quail/chicken run can become a handy semi or fully permanent tool for keeping your birds away from danger or just away from parts of the property you'd prefer them not to go.

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  David — Nice one. I need two as well because my run has a side exit down to the vege patch! Let us know if you find it cheaper...
  Mark Valencia — Thanks David for bringing the new price to my attention. Funny you should mention it now because I'll be needing another one in the next few days for an extra chicken run I'm building at the moment! Cheers ......
  David — They are at Bunnings but they are not $47 anymore. They are $114

Weber Q 220

Grilling piri piri quail recipe and my reasons for buying a Weber Q 220.

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  Mark Valencia — Thanks for your comment Fhantom Commy. To answer your question about price (which is a good one that I didn't cover in the post) the Weber Group won't discount much on their Weber Qs if at all. I was unable to get a discount myself (I tried)and I went to several stores and checked online - all the p......
  Phanto Commentator — Wel Editor, yous cerainly did yous homework wen lookin fur an otdoors cooker. No wonder you took an agency to sell de WEBBER Q220. aRE YOU ABLE TO QUOTE ME A GOOD PRICE ON ONE IF i DECIDE TO UPGRADE MY CAMP OVEN? Thanks, the Phantom Commentator....

A general guide to keeping chickens covering basic set-up and costs. 

This article is about how I grapple with the psychology of processing my home-grown quail for consumption.

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  Mark Valencia — It's difficult to tell to be honest without seeing some pics and getting more information but the birds should have been on a gamebird starter feed from the beginning so that's the first problem as quail can be particular with their feed when young (or at any time) and as a consequence are prone to ......
  Amy — Hello. I am desperate for information so I'm posting here. I got my first coturnix quail 7 days ago. After the first 24 hours, I have had one die per day. The breeder swears they were healthy and that all of hers and the others she has sold are thriving. I got 22 4 week old birds to start with. I as......
  Mark Valencia — Thank you Demi for sharing your experience with us. This article was written nearly 5 years ago now and I still have reservations killing quail (I guess I never have "gotten used it") but I do accept the process because as you wrote "knowing I am able to do what is necessary" is reassuring indeed. S......

Raising or keeping quail isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one ponders self sufficiency but it's sure worth it.

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  Fran — [i]thank you. That answers all my questions perfectly. Thank you for not laughing at my strange questions...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Fran, yes quail are really good for small spaces that's for sure! Do eggs need to be washed? No, a clean quail egg without any cracks is extremely unlikely to be contaminated. We discard any dirty or cracked eggs. can you either give these to someone like a butcher or is there someone who will d......
  Fran — I've longed for chickens but it's completely impossible here. Quails sound great but I honestly know nothing about eggs. Do eggs need to be washed? I worry about contaminated surfaces. If you are finished with your quail (or hatched some males you don't need) but can't stomach killing and gutting, ......

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