python with possum in belly

Tips on how to prevent, protect, deter, and manage snakes around your chicken or poultry pens

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  Mark Valencia — Hi SJ, thank you and I'm glad you found this article helpful! I'm also happy for you that your fear of snakes won't deter you from keeping chickens because the benefits (as you know) far outweigh the negatives. I've had countless encounters with snakes and although each time my heart races a littl......
  SJ Luvic — Very informative! I have always been terrified of snakes and recently moved to Qld living close to a marshland where i now see snakes more frequently than i would like. It is like aversion therapy where i am slowly becoming more accepting of their existance! I have been told since moving here that ......
  Travis — Hi mate thanks for a great article, we have only just moved to 88 achres in the hills of Victoria bordering a large national park most of the land is clear with a few little areas left untouched where the rabbits and foxes seem to live, there is an old chicken coop and run my wife just nailed back t......

Do ducks need more than just a bucket of water to dip their beaks in? Of course they do!

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  Pond Leak Sealant — It is interesting to know about ducks arriving on your property; their bee-line for the bucket and within the first turned the water inside into brown, mucky, sludge that stank of duck spit! You have immediately started working on a solution. Dont forgets Pondpro2000 when you made pond for them.......
  Mark Valencia — Hi Dew, I'm glad this article brought back fond memories from your childhood and it's wonderful someone like you from Borneo is visiting my website so thank you for taking the time to say hello and tell me about your chickens and ducks! Also thanks for your kind words - it's very nice of you to ......
  Dew — When I see your chickens and ducks, I can only recalled some forty to fifty years ago, when I was a young kid, my late parents would rear about a hundred ducks and a few ten chickens like yours. In my country, in Borneo, (Sarawak) we differential them with kampong chickens and meaty chickens. We ......

This article shows how two ladies from the city can breed normal sized quail into Jumbo in just 12 months!

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  Mark Valencia — No worries Barry - thanks for commenting!...
  barry moore — interested in the colossal quails and will be watching closely cheers...


There is a difference between chicken and ducks eggs and it's not just size...

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Monk and thanks for your opinion! Yes, I'm sure there are those would disagree with our assessment of how duck eggs actually taste. I can't say I have baked with them much but I'll take your word for it about making the end product heavy etc. We tried hard to use duck eggs just like regular chic......
  Monk — I am raising them not Sam lol...
  Monk — I've baked with duck eggs. They aren't good for baking for sure unless you want heavy breads. I like light fluffy cakes. Duck eggs don't make light fluffy cakes. I'm like you they have horrible flavor not a whole lot of good uses... I'm Sam raising ducks but as meat birds not for their eggs. I'd rat......

Roasted quail grow them in backyard

Want to know more about this secret wonder food, which has more vitamins than chicken and more iron than beef?

In this article we take a look at some simple rules for chicken drinkers, different types of drinkers (off the shelf and DIY), and how to manage mixed poultry like ducks and chickens together to facilitate their different drinker needs.

Coturnix Quail A&M eating from feeder

Growing your own quail is suprisingly easy and here's 10 steps to prove it! You'll be eating "in" at your own French restaurant in no time...

Stop ducks from filling up your chicken drinkers with mud and dirt!

Is eating fertilised chickens eggs ok to do?

The chickens have been laying well over the past week!


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  Mark Valencia — Hi Jandawood, I have made pickled eggs before and I do love them! Haven't tried this recipe though so I will give it a go - if it's close to a family favourite of yours then it probably will be delicious (most family recipies are) many thanks for contributing and saying hello, Cheers ......
  Jandawood — This is the closest recipe I can find to the way my Mum used to pickle eggs for Dad. Hope it helps with the glut....
  Jandawood — You could always pickle them. My old Dad loved pickled eggs and Mum used to do him a couple of jars at Christmas time every year. I've never had a glut so have never looked for a recipe but I'm sure there are a few on the web....
No name chinese incubator
Ever thought of incubating your own chicken eggs (or any poultry eggs) at home? Have you loved the thought of hatching out your very own fluffy little chicks but found the cost of an incubator prohibitive? Well, check this out!

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  Mark Valencia — Great to know! Thank you Bob for taking the time to write this tip in our comments section. Cheers ...
  Bob — Hi, I had too problem with counter of days. Reset is possible if you press button (+) and (-) in one moment for 5 seconds....
  Mark Valencia — Check out my response in this conversation on our forum over at Self Sufficient Culture ......

rooster walking on sleeper path 2 with paving in background

Flooring within your chicken house or coop is vitally important and so are the pathways to and around those common to go areas. Here are some cost saving ideas for path making and flooring for your chicken pen, which will not only save money but will work effectively too.

Feeders chicken PVC feeder tube hens ducks different feeders
Chicken feeders may seem like a rather trivial subject on the surface but for anyone keeping chickens or planning to join the many thousands who do, chicken feeders are an important tool which should be well considered.

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  Mark Valencia — Hi David & Jana, well done on your chicken feeder design it's certainly one of the most radical chook feeders I've ever seen! And, best of luck with your website also, cheers ......
  crazy dave — Hi, Great article on the Types of Chicken Feeders, and we love what you are doing with your website! After years of frustration, we finally did it…. …my lady and I build the Coolest Chicken Feeder in the World!!!
  Mark Valencia — Yes Michael, I see Michelle has already mentioned it in the post above yours and it's for sale here To be honest, I'm not too keen on it because chickens really should have easy access to feed and this design seems to limit access to a few grains at a time so in larger flocks ......
In this article, I show how I slaughter a chicken for the table using the chopping block and cone methods. I  also personalise the experience and explain how we should neither be scared of processing our own produce nor take it for granted.

Rooster in ferns Australorp hen front Coq au Vin first image

Should you keep your rooster or eat him? I answer this question in the following article; plus, I share with you my version of the famous French recipe especially designed for roosters called - Coq au Vin.  

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