huntsman-spider chicken

How I know chickens are smart and I can prove it! 

chickens and ducks near fence under small bush

How to prepare your chickens and ducks for when you go away on holidays/vacation. 

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Angie, I'm wrapped that you found the article and video helpful! Thank you very much for taking the time to write a comment because feedback is important to me and everyone else who subsequently reads these comments. Cheers :smile:...
  Angie — I'm so glad I found your video Mark. I am going away just overnight tomorrow night and have been fretting about leaving my ducks. They will be going into their permanent pen for the first time (hopefully tonight) and I am very worried about predators....even though I feel like I have done everything......
  Mark Valencia — Hi Angela, I don't have any experience about keeping chickens in really cold climates but I suspect you would need to employ some type of anti water freeze device like a heating system to ensure the water doesn't freeze - it gets complicated when you're going away though and leave a heating device r......

Does "point of lay" actually mean when a chicken is starting to lay eggs? 

If you keep just one duck it could be cruel...

When do chickens start to lay...?

Is it ok to just keep one chicken?

How many chickens should you keep or do you need?

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  Mark Valencia — Thanks James! Cheers mate :smile:...
  James Mitcham — Nice site....

Wouldn't you like your backyard chickens to lay different coloured eggs... even blue ones! 

How easy is this DIY chicken feed scooper to make? Really easy!


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  Mark Valencia — Thanks Andrea! People like you who take the time to comment on our website really make my day ...
  Andrea — This is an awesome idea. Absolutely love it, thanks for sharing!...

Can you keep ducks and chickens together? See the answer to this question and some important recommendations. 

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Michelle, thank you! Yes I would keep the ducks restrained to the pen for several days just to settle them down and understand this is where their "safe area" is and this is where the main feed is located. Then you can release them to freerange after that and they should adapt well. You might nee......
  Michelle Brady — Thank you for the great information. A friend has to get rid of their 3 ducks due to city ordinance. I am going to try "adding" them to my chickens. They are let out to roam during the day and come back to nest in the coup every night. I hope the ducks adapt. Anything I need to do?...

quail coturnix japanese sitting on eggs

A simple guide to breeding Japanese or coturnix quail in the backyard.

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  Mark Valencia — Thank you! Good luck with finding a quail breed that hatch out their own eggs as this quality was lost about 6000 years ago when the ancient Egyptians started keeping them. Cheers ...
  Malik Shahzad — Thanks for sharing your ideas, mostly Egg Laying : To keep quails laying all year round they’ll need about 16 hours + of light per day, i like your idea, but i am looking quail breed that hatched her eggs herself....
  Mark Valencia — Hi Tara and thanks for sharing your thoughts about breeding quail. Best of luck with your Kings and Japs before you realise you'll have dozens running around! LOL ...

Here's my 6 recommendations and tips for keeping ducks in the backyard to ensure they are the happiest quackers ever!

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  Jessica Dabreu — I found ur channel last night looking for how to set up for chicks or ducklings I have raised chickens before but the chicks we got last year went back to their original owner we are know getting our own chicks and want to also get duckling but I do have one worry because there is a very large strea......
  Marcus — Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply - it's much appreciated! That info re your experience with your ducks and coaching them is interesting... maybe it's worth a try. Hmmm. Definitely food for thought. And fox proofing the lot would be fabulous. That's something I'll also consider! Thanks again Mar......
  Mark Valencia — Hi Marcus, thanks for all your kind words mate and I appreciate people like you saying g'day/asking questions etc... Yes, ducks not coming home to roost (or possibly not can be an issue) but I now have 7 pekin ducks (used to have 10 but we've eaten 3) and they go back into the pen before nightfa......

heritage hatchlings

Brisbane based chicken breeder Heritage Hatching & Hens review.

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Danielle, have you tried contacting Heritage Hens (assuming you are in the SEQ area)?...
  danielle cooling — Im having trouble buying a blue lace or splash wyandotte rooster and some gold lace hens...

This is a comprehensive article about how I built a dog proof fence for my chickens to free-range in safety (includes costs and materials).

There's a chicken feeder war raging on eBay between Royal Rooster and Dine-a-Chook - who wins?

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  Mark Valencia — No worries Danny, sounds good - I'll email you some thoughts about design. Cheers...
  Danny — Thank you for your comments, and noted.The only downside to most feeders are that you cannot see the level of feed. That's why I will be doing various versions in clear, and a unit as one, holding both water, and feed. If you have a design for anything just let me know.Danny...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Danny, please contact me when you're done as I'd be interested to see and hear all about your own feeders. If I may make a suggestion, ensure you test thoroughly for feed wastage because my biggest concern by far for all feeders I've used has been wastage from hens raking feed out of the feeder o......

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