supermarket unhappy couple pushing trolly

The supermarkets like to "sex" themselves up as the best thing to happen to a community but most of the PR is BS. Here's 10 supermarket myths busted! 

sea princess overlooking the Sydney Opera House 620

Is it possible to go on a two week cruise holiday onboard the Sea Princess cruise ship and maintain a self-sufficient property at the same time?Full of cruise holiday hints, tips, great images, and specific information about the Sea Princess this is a must-read for anyone interested in self-sufficiency or a cruise holiday. 

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  Julie — Hi Mick Are you sure it's the 30th December? We are booked to cruise from Brisbane to New Zealand for 15 days departing Brisbane on the 29th December & return to Brisbane on the 12th January on the Sea Princess. Cheers Julie...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Tim, thanks for contributing by commenting and asking a question as it gives us the opportunity to expand on the article and give others more information - apologies for not answering sooner. To answer your question on credit card scamming: One of the main reasons for the Sea Princess requirin......
  Tim — Hi there Mark, My wife and I have been hunting around for weeks now for all the info of the Sea Princess cruises as we are embarking from Singapore in October. I appreciated immensely your review and gathered much I didn't know. This is our first cruise after having campervanned for several trips ar......

Green tree frog

This article is a very special one and yes it's related to frogs but it's also about following frogs and birthdays...

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  Pink — Hoppy Birthday (frog humour). It's been very informative and interesting to read your blogs over the past year. Keep up the good work....

Hen Gathering

What does a black hen, a large Australian goanna, and a dog called Scooter have to do with a home mortgage?Well, imagine the goanna is the big bad bank, the hen is the every day person with a mortgage, and Scooter the dog is the regulator... 


Protest movements around the world are rising like a phoenix song from the sixties. The times they are a changing - I can feel it too.

If you want a bit of DJ politics and the food growers mix (picture me crossing my arms with my best home-boy look) then read on.

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Dew, I keep 10 stingless bee hives on our property they're excellent for pollinating food crops. Yes, I'll check out your blog no problem Thank you!......
  Dew — I was searching on stingless bees and etc n etc.. stumbled upon your web and it is really interesting to read your topic, GROWING FOOD, not about politics.... :laugh::lol: Yes, really, I am not only growing food, I think we have to keep our environment as nature as possible to have a healthier fut......
  Anonyplatypus — www dot whatreallyhappened dot com and activistpost dot com 'nuff said....

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