Can you spot the difference?

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  George Lowry — Here in Sacramento, California we pretty much stay out of the grocery stores opting instead to order ahead and have the items brought out to our car. We pay about $6US for the privilege. I know this sounds wildly inconsistent but we are about to head out to our local Farmers' Market for fruit and ve......

Oops... We did it again - killed a shipload of sheep's.

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Katrina, thank you for your input you make some very good points in your well-written comment. Cheers ...
  Katrina Love — Just a few of points of correction: 1. The footage obtained by trainee Maritime Navigation Officer, Fazal Ullah (and then given to Animals Australia) was taken over five voyage in the last 12 months. 2. Sheep are shipped live to the Middle East because export companies can make profits, and it pro......

Public Broadcaster ABC continues to push climate change myth.  

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  Mark Valencia — Thank you Michael! ...
  Mark Valencia — Hi @Noah, and thank you for your support! Sometimes we have to take a stand and speak frankly about what we really believe even if our view is unpopular. I am a huge advocate for practical environmentalism whereby we all try our best to limit our pollution or negative impact on our environment. I do......
  Noah — Mark, first of all THANK YOU for everything you do with Self Sufficient Me — I have learned so much more in such a short time about gardening. I started last year with my first raised bed, and this year I am working on improving my garden after having learned so much between you, books, my father,......

How could this shameful incident of ball tampering by our Aussie Cricketers happen? Elitism...

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  Michael — I wanted to say this is so true in America too. I am an Elementary school teacher and it feels as the up and coming generation is being taught by their parents that cheating, IS normal and a way to get ahead in this world. I do my best to undo this damage to the 30 or so kids I can influence each ......

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