Are you "over" overeating? You're not alone...

5 Features your new treadmill should have or you might as well road run... 

A pickle that we were really glad to get IN-N-OUT of...

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  Ana M. Scheufler — This was fun to read. I love the positivity and that you appreciated the abundance of the country....
  Mark Valencia — All good choices! ...
  Jerry Prusa — The sourdough here is good but where oh where can I find a Brumby's bee sting? I'd even settle for a good sausage roll or meat pie!...

The longterm effects of pollution on our skin is often overlooked... 

What are we drinking!?

Using mental health as a political or manipulative tool is a bastard act.

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  Mark Valencia — Thanks Dolly for sharing your input! All the best ...
  Dollie Nelson — Thanks Mark for this! As a person that has several mental health illnesses this is absolutely true. I wish more people took the time to understand this than to judge people like me that have to take it day by day to just wake up and have to think about getting out of bed. Its madding how people trea......

Don't let anyone tell you that "natural drying" of herbs is better than in a food dehydrator.

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  Anthony Smith — I agree with all of the reasons you mentioned and have been planning on getting a dehydrator for a while. I do think that air drying has benifits though such as the break down of chlorophyll over time this giving a more intense flavour. Any thoughts?...

So what are you making for Christmas dinner?

Is a garden bed made from treated wood safe to grow vegetables and fruit?

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  Mark Valencia — Well it does deter white ants to a certain extent and usually better than untreated woods - that's the point of it, but it will eventually break down especially under weathered conditions....
  margaret — great info. never relised arsenic is natural. shame it obviously does not deter white ants :...

We've had our treadmill for a decade now and a waste of money it was NOT. But there are some interesting points to note...

Is playing tennis the best way to get a full body workout without even realising it? YES.

Here are some tips to help people cope with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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  Beverly Alcock — I know this page contains all the meaningful content which I need. I am very lucky as I am always looking positive for such things. I am fond of reading such blogs and search of amazing thing easy to understand what you want to say in this discussion. Thanks a lot for sharing. Read more......

Is your child's school serious about protecting kids from getting skin cancer? It may not be!

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