Which raised garden bed should you choose for your vegetable garden? Here's some popular examples to help you choose. 

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  Mark Valencia — Show me the proof then, that treated pine does indeed leach into the soil in such amounts that it is deemed dangerous... Just playing the devil's advocate that's all because I like facts. Oh, and read this article as it might help also, cheers ......
  Numbat — "Treated pine has been given a bad name due to the unproven claims chemicals leach into the surrounding soil and then get absorbed by the growing vegetables which we inturn ingest." Well for your info, manufacturers of treated pine sleepers do NOT recommend using them for sensitive applications lik......
  Mark Valencia — Hey Scott, sorry I didn't reply sooner I never got notified of your comment until now - it's a new system... I have used treated pine sleepers for raised garden beds but I lined the inside with builders plastic (just like you did) then over a few years the treated chemicals naturally disperse anyw......

The pod sucking bug really does suck in the garden...

Flower beetles may look like a problem but they are fine to have in the garden.

Want a garden that looks good and tastes great with minumal effort to maintain!? Then, you need a perennial garden bed to get the best of both worlds.

When is a mango ripe and ready to pick from the tree?

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Darlene, thanks for saying hello and best of luck with your first crop of mangoes! ...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Maria, thank you for for taking the time to give some feedback on this article. I hope your homegrown mangoes are the best you've every eaten - my bet is they will be! Cheers :smile:...
  maria — Thanks for the guide. We have bats hanging around our tree waiting for them to ripen. I want to bet them so now I know I can pick them and they will still ripen indoors They are still green but have the blush colour on the top.......

This massive beetroot weighed in at 2.2 kilograms! Honestly, you don't have to grow them this big unless you want to brag like me...

frame of brood suspended under the swarm, bees beginning to cover the brood

Removing a honey bee hive found in an industrial bin, keeping native stingless bees, growing fruit and vegetables - this article has it all! 

The Berry Nice Tomato review - it's berry nice indeed...

mulberry ripe in tree

If you've never grown a mulberry tree then this post will do well to convince you to do so. Here we go round the mulberry...

Barbados Cherry (Acerola) on tree

The Barbados cherry is a sure way to get a cherry fix in climates where the colder cherry variety just can't grow.

Pittosporum Leafminer looks awful but is pretty easy to treat if you really want.

After years of wondering if my olive trees would flower in my low chill warm climate environment, the wait is finally over!

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Jeff, and thanks for your comment. Our Helena's flowered for the first time this season after about 7 years... the flowering was small and the fruit set even smaller but I hope it's the start of better seasons to come. Cheers ......
  Jeff — A good blog to drop onto. I was out in the rain today and found olive trees at Bunnings (Brisbane). Let's see how they go. My daughter has a 5 year old potted Helena, which wants to flower. We'll persevere ?...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Simone, thank you for commenting! Yes, I'm beginning to think the Helena is a slow developer but she sure is a BIG olive tree. Good news... my Helenas have finally flowered for the first time this season and we have some fruit developing but only a handful. Still, it's a start and my guess is ea......

The bronze orange bug starts its life green...

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  Mark — Hey Guys, what I normally do to control Bronze Orange Bug pest on my citrus trees is pick or knock them off by hand then squash them underfoot. You could also use a handheld vacuum to suck them off. If they are not in big numbers and you don't notice much damage to buds or fruit I wouldn't worry abo......

Plants can be born with abnormalities just like all living beings.

Bacterial Blight is a very common plant disease.

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