Whilst the Grumichama fruit is not very well known those that do grow it LOVE it and here's why!

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Joe, sorry about the late response but I've been overseas... I would say the Grumichama should grow fine in Texas but if the temp falls below freezing too often in a row it may suffer a little. No I don't sell the seeds sorry mate ......
  Joe — Hey Mark, Just a few quick questions about this fruiting tree. I'm located in a zone 9 climate will it grow in texas ? Do you sell the seeds if so what is your asking price....
  Coral — Great article Mark!...

I often get people asking me where should they position their vegetable garden? Here's what I say...

Here's five types of Asian salad crops you just have to try! 

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  Mark Valencia — I bet you are privy to some great cooking at home from your wife Bob - lucky man!...
  Bob — I love growing Asian vegetables, I might add my wife is Chinese so there is method beyond the madness. I grow both in soil and also in hydroponics so that I get a spread of vegetables at all times....

Forget the gold watch or glitzy and expensive presents to impress - give away a box of fruit & veg instead!

If you're into stand up gardening like me then you'll love these round galvanised or Colorbond high side garden beds!


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  Mark Valencia — Hi Ruth, yes the gravel works well but so does paving etc or even raised beds on concrete; although, I do find the gravel drains out well. Make sure it's several inches deep to help suppress weeds growing up through the rocks. Cheers ......
  Ruth — I am about to move my gal garden beds. Will use you gravel idea around the ground area as mine becomes a bog as well. Thanks for the tips...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Mary, thanks for commenting and people like you inspire me to write about gardening and self-sufficiency! Sometimes after a day in the garden I feel a little tired to blog but I recall comments like this and it gives me my second wind - thanks again ......

bush vegetable garden raised beds

Tim's vegetable garden in bushland South Australia. 

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  Mark Valencia — Thank you Kate and thanks for your contributions to our forum also! Cheers ...
  Kate — Well written Mark and well done Tim. You are an inspiration Tim, thanks for your contributions on the forum, they are a great learning source for us all. Keep up the great work, both of you ...
  Mark Valencia — Thanks Mary! Everyone is valuable to our forum but those who choose to contribute a little (like you, Tim, and a growing number of others, are the people who enrich our forum to make it so informative and fun! Cheers ......

Fresh food prices might be steep but there are ways to offset the costs of things you can't grow! 

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Yuri, thanks for your input :smile:...
  Yuri — Hi Mark, I currently grow most of my own food, we grow all of our own meat and eggs and as much fruit and vegetables as I have time for. I have bred some of my own varieties of vegetables which suit my purposes/climate better than the varieties I can buy. Needless to say I am all for growing yo......
  Mark Valencia — Great Idea Jacinta! 50 cent avocados is awesome!...

Beetroot crowd growing

Forget the laborious task of thinning seedlings out or the planting guides on the back of seed packets and follow the simple principal of crowd growing instead for better vegetable garden success! 

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  Mark Valencia — Great to know Liam - I'm about to plant some cucumbers tomorrow actually so I'll be sure to plant them close! Cheers ...
  Liam — Great tactic! Growing my romaine and cucumbers this way! Working great!...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Mary, you make so much sense - weeds of course! I think mimicking nature is a great way to explain crowd growing and I agree we can learn a lot more by taking a step back from the norm and applying natures law. Thanks for taking the time to comment Mary! Cheers ......

Grow a gazania in your garden for a low fuss great looking flower, which attracts benefical animals to help your food garden thrive! 

cucumber seedlings in garden

This is a quick guide about how easy it is to get free plants from your garden! 

How much drainage and top soil should be used when filling a raised garden bed? 

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  Tom Murray — Hi Mark, At present we have normal garden beds for our veggies, and I'm thinking of putting in raised beds to about the height that you suggest. (around 80cms.) I've been pondering about putting a false base in, at the 40cm depth, with the lower part being a void. My thought is to use marine ply, su......

my allotment vegetable garden

A short post about allotment, community, and owning your vegetable garden with a YouTube twist. 

Easter food gardening with no mention of bunnies at all!

Meyer lemon tree with lemons

How to grow the best lemon tree (the Meyer lemon) and make the fruit into marmalade/jam! 

Here are some growing tips and information you won't find anywhere else about the amazing eggplant. 

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Shirley, thank you heaps for taking the time to comment! It's so great you are getting into the garden you'll become an addictive green thumb in no time at all!!! Gardening is really easy (especially food gardening) most of it is common sense and if you have any questions please ask here on our......
  Shirley Rowe — Thanks for the tips about how to grow eggplants! I am very new in the gardening so I have no background about it. I hope with your tips I will be able to cope with harvesting and growing!...

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