This article is a transcript of our popular YouTube video on growing lemons.  

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  Mark Valencia — Sometimes they will recover but you will need to fix whatever the cause of the burning off is otherwise it will eventually perish......
  Sherrie Hill — My small eureka lemon tree has been scorched (not burnt) now the leaves dried off and dropped off.. Should i leave it as is to see if it will recover?...

Our Tahitian lime tree has produced literally thousands of fruit over the past 10 years and here's why...

Not all cucumbers ripen the same as they get bigger...

Does the fruit on your lemon tree taste terrible? Read on to find out what might be wrong.

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  Mark Valencia — An animal that loves lemon rind... Sorry, I don't have a good answer for you on what is doing this but netting the tree is advised ...
  Ann — What pest or animal will peel the rind off the lemon and leave the inner fruit or flesh still on the tree, and how do I prevent this?...

Birdies raised garden beds moving into the USA market!

Growing space a problem or just don't want a larger vegetable garden to maintain? A vertical growing kit might be for you. 

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  Mark Valencia — Yes especially with strawberries or salad crops. I'll be making a grow wall video soon about upcycling an old pallet so keep an eye out for that!...
  Pedro Dias — Great guide! I'd love to know more about vertical hydroponic garden systems, they sound awesome!...

Cutting a keyhole in an existing raised bed & using Child/Vegetable SAFE treated pine wood! 

Here's the best and only garden tool you'll ever need for raised beds!

I've cured Arbequina olives to see how this small olive fruiting variety compares to the larger types. 

10 Myths about raised bed gardening BUSTED...

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  Mark Valencia — Sounds good Ryan thanks mate ...
  Ryan — Im seriously thinking of cutting some sweet gum trees and notch stacking them like a log cabin, I like the input of filling with twigs and mulch and then top soil your articles are very helpfull and encouraging...
  Mark Valencia — Yes you should definitely place some drainage holes in the base of the drums otherwise water will pool in the base and go stagnate plus they could fill with water during long rainy periods. As far as materials go, sticks and leaves etc would be fine in the base leaving the top 40cm for soil and comp......

Growing more produce than you "need" has many advantages!

Strolling around the nursery looking at plants is so yesterday... It's time to search the virtual nursery and buy them online!

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  Mark Valencia — Hi and thank you for offering a discount to SSM readers on purchases made at your online store Fair Dinkum Seeds! I'll go there myself now and check out your website as I have to admit I haven't come across you guys before but I'm always on the hunt for new online shops and rare seeds. I will add yo......
  FairDinkumSeeds — Just looking around for cool stuff to add to my own collection when I came across your post. Great group of stores you put together there. Daleys in particular are always great quality and price wise, but I'd have to be a bit silly if I didn't spruce my own awesome store while I'm here. Had a chat w......

Change is good but improvements are better and that's what I'm doing to our vegetable garden - improving it!  

Not sure how or what to grow your dragon fruit vine on? Here's a solution!

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  Mark Valencia — Hi Bron, it has been awfully hot here also as you could imagine! Sacrifice plants as a method of pest control in the garden is a good way I think to keep the bugs away from more valued crops and I have used it myself in the garden. Best of luck with those Asian vegetables - some of my favourites are......
  Bron Ramey — Just another comment following the raised bed article. I'm in the temperate zone and this has been the mostust, hot, yukkie, humid Summer of all time down here. So humid... but hey, apart from the naughty lady beetle varieties, everything is going pretty well in comparison to other Hunter gardeners.......

You'd be surprised how interesting your vegetable garden is to visiting family and friends!

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