If I needed more raised garden beds I'd strongly consider a Gabion.

Our cat run/enclosure build was deemed a huge success by us, our cat, and the environment. 

What can be more "family" than a backyard BBQ? A backyard BBQ fire pit set-up with a hanging grill over it, that's what. 

I have two old plastic style greenhouses and I think they are good value!

Thinking about getting a fermentation crock? Well, I did and it's AWESOME! 

One of New Zealand's top lifestyle mags liked our firepit design! Hot stuff...

Pickle Pipe silicone fermentation airlocks could be the pickler's holy grail! 

My latest purchase from Garden Express Online Nursery was excellent as usual!

If you are looking for an excellent and free preserving jar plus you like eating anchovies then keep reading...

If there was a sudden food crisis would you have enough stored seed on hand to support yourself and family? 

Building a fire pit is easy to do and will become a master stroke entertainer piece of genius for your backyard.

Rambo high pressure wok burner buy

Rambo High Pressure Wok Burner $145 - $165 buy on eBay      

maca craca

Do you want an easy and safe way to crack a macadamia nut? Well, I've found it and it's called the Maca Craca! 

  1.   4 Comment
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  Mark Valencia — Hi Joann, that's very unusual for the Maca Craca to fall apart like that as there's very little that can go wrong with what is essentially a bolt and stainless cylinder. There must have been a fault line in the parts... I'm guessing. I'm sure if you contacted the seller he will promptly replace it f......
  Joann Nash — I bought this item; waited patiently to get it; today I used it and after cracking about half a dozen nuts, it fell apart!! How do I get recourse of this inferior product?...
  Mark Valencia — Hi Martin, on here is where the Maca Cracka is sold http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/sis.html?_nkw=Maca Craca Macadamia Nut Cracker&_itemId=301214886579 Cheers ......

Spreading Watersave (Water$ave)

Here's a simple, cheap, and easy way to stop a dam or pond from leaking! 

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  Mark Valencia — Thanks for your comment on your experience with Watersave. I'm sorry the product didn't work for you perhaps check you don't have large cracks or major flaws in your dam structure. You may have to let it dry out completely to see. Cheers ...
  Caroline Kruger — We have a dam that like yours leaked out in a couple of weeks. We got 20kilo bucket and it still leaked! We were told to do at the 1metre mark which we did and it leaked down to that mark. We feel it was a total waste of money....
  cheryl ryan — Thankyou for your suggestions Mark- I'll give the clay a go. Cheers Cheryl....

66 audio bluetooth headset

Read my comprehensive review on the 66 Audio Bluetooth Sports Headset. 

  1.   13 Comment
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  Mark Valencia — My sentiments exactly Thomas - I can't wear any in-ear headphones when exercise because I'm a big sweater also! Thanks for your input ...
  Thomas — The only worry I have about the Avantree is the in ear buds because I sweat a lot on a run and in ear headphones aren't the best for a heavy sweater like me LOL. I've been looking into the Rokits and am thinking of getting a set for my wife just to try them. I also have a set of Sony MDR-AS700BT (as......
  Stewart — Thanks for the quick reply! I was looking at the 66's because of the price and ANC for travel but thought I could get two uses for the price of one! Might still get them for the travel aspect. Thanks for your advice....

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