How to Make a DIY Seedling Tray for a Dripper System
This quick video shows how to make a very simple DIY seedling tray to raise your own seedlings for ...
Wet Weather Gardening Raised Beds & Outdoor Rubber Pavers
This is a quick update video about work in progress on our vegetable garden - rain, hail, or shine! ...
How to Build a Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Trellis
This video shows how I built a new trellis support for a mature dragon fruit vine after the posts ha...
Amazing Dragon Fruit Flower Opening at Night (Pitaya)
Here's some rare and wonderful footage of a Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) flowering through the night. Read...
Growing Dwarf Apples & Netting from Pests Golden Dorset
Growing dwarf apple trees in the backyard & protecting from pests by netting. This variety is the Go...
Quail Surgery to Fix Twine Around Legs Problem
In this video I perform a delicate procedure to remove twine from around a coturnix quail legs. This...

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